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Läänemaa   Museums
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Home Museum Of Ants Laikmaa
Address: Kadarpiku, Taebla, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 47 29 756
On the first floor of the building with unique architecture an exposition introducing the life of the artist and a dining room are located. The artist’s studio, working and sleeping rooms with personal belongings and ethnographic antiquities are upstairs. A park rich in various tree species that was planted by the artist and is under nature protection surrounds the house. A summer cottage and the artist’s grave are located in the park.
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Haapsalu Episcopal Castle
Address: Koko näyttöLossiplats 1, Haapsalu, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 472 5346, +372 518 4664
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The Episcopal castle of Haapsalu is one of the oldest castles in Estonia. The entire compound on 3 hectares is like one big museum. Here you can find much of the kind that you cannot find elsewhere: the unique, 803-meter long circular wall; internal defence system with earth ramparts and trenches; the only Dome Church in Estonia preserved in its historical integrity and many other things that can be labelled as exceptional and unique. One can spend days in the castle studying the different layers of the wall from the 13th-16th centuries, discover details of stonework, stairways, master signs carved into stone etc. There are people who come to visit the castle and each time the castle offers them new surprises. The walls of the castle are like a book, which can be read, but in order to read you have to know the secret language and the key to this is the knowledge accumulated over the years.
Estonian Railway Museum
Address: Raudtee 2, Haapsalu, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 473 4574
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Estonian Railway Museum is located in the Emperor’s Pavilion of Haapsalu Railway Station. The station building was constructed in 1907 and it’s famous for the peculiar 216 m long covered platform. The exposition gives an overview of the birth and development of railway in Estonia, the daily living conditions of railwaymen, the tools used for the construction and maintenance of railway, but also the uniforms, documents and tickets related to railway business. The stylized interior of passengers’ waiting room and the office of the stationmaster are also interesting. The outdoor exposition demonstrates old-fashioned rolling stock.
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Hanila Museum
Address: Hanila, Hanila, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 477 2260, +372 472 3164
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A permanent exhibition is located in the old schoolhouse, demonstrating an old farmyard, a kiln-drying room, a farm living-room, flax processing and a rich display of ethnographic textiles (over 400 items). Farm tools and furniture made by several generations introduce Estonian “wooden age” in the Hanila and Karuse rural municipalities. You can grind with a quern or push a swing, rest on logs under old trees, listen to the nightingale in spring or see the bats flying when the night falls. Concerts are organised in the yard or hall of the museum. Museum hikes are organised for children.
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Lihula Museum
Address: L innuse tee 1, Lihula, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 477 8880
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Museum of Lihula is located in Läänemaa, along the Tallinn-Risti-Virtsu road, 110 km from Tallinn, 55 km from Haapsalu and Pärnu. Museum is founded in 1995 and is situated in a manor-house which was built in the middle of the 19th century. Behind the manor-house stand the ruins of former Bishop's castle from the 13th century. Our different exhibitions give a review over the history of Lihula and South-Läänemaa. most interesting archaeological findings from the castle and Lihula area are exhibited. Visitors have admired our etnographic items characteristic only to West-Estonia - national costumes, rugs, lap robes and tools from Lihula area. In summer we have different temporary exhibitions in museum.
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Lääne County Museum
Address: Kooli 2, Haapsalu, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 47 37 065
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The museum has been operating in the former town hall of Haapsalu (constructed in 1775) since 1950. The permanent exhibition “Possibility of Life in Läänemaa” (1998) illustrates the history and culture of Haapsalu and the county of Läänemaa. Periodic temporary exhibitions are held in own house and outside. The oldest preserved monument in the world dedicated to Fr. Schiller is also located at the museum.
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Museum Of Estonian Swedes
Address: Sadama 31, Haapsalu, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 55623993
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Estonian Swedes have inhabited the coast and islands of West Estonia for almost 1000 years. Living as free peasants thanks to their privileges they managed to preserve their closed community with old and peculiar folk culture. The period ended with WWII when the Estonian Swedes moved to Sweden. After the restoration of independence in Estonian the coastal Swedes and their descendants established a museum, which task is not only the collection and exposition but also the revival of old folk culture. When ordered in advance, one can sail on traditional wooden sailing boats (Ruhnu jawl, Vormsi punt).
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